Komaru Enterprises LLC is a Brooklyn-based boutique developer specializing in the design, preservation, restoration and conversion of exceptional Historic Landmark buildings into unique dwelling experiences.  


Historic renovation is not just about restoring a facade to comply with Landmark Commission rules. The real challenge is to gracefully draw out the beautiful old to merge with the striking new - throughout the building.

We push the borderline of preservation and modern living with sensitivity and innovation to maximize the hidden potential of a building. We aim to convey a new message, a new concept - something not seen anywhere else in Brooklyn. 


The Castle
This Landmarked Romanesque Revival brick building in Crown Heights has been known to the neighborhood as "The Castle" for decades, due to its iconic turreted facade.
Elkins House
Crown Heights’ oldest home, and the only remaining free standing wood frame house in Crown Heights historic district, also known as the Susan B. Elkins House.
The Temple
Facing demolition by competing developers, the great architectural and cultural heritage of the Temple, in Crown Heights, will be preserved by Komaru.
The Park Townhouse
This classic two-family Greek revival townhouse, built in 1899, stands in the heart of the Historic District of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.




As cookie-cutter high-rises continue to fill every empty lot, there is increasing demand for the classic Brooklyn way-of life, that associated with historic neighborhoods. 


Brooklyn is rich with iconic historic architecture. If these buildings fall into the wrong developer's hands, that richness can be lost forever. 


We realize the tremendous potential in restoration/ conversion of ageless and rare properties into condominium masterpieces.


We also believe that the benefit from our projects should be not only to increase property value for new owners and investors, but also to enrich the character of the neighborhood.  We believe a project done with integrity and style is to everyone's benefit.




Inquiries, Questions, Recommendations? We look forward to hearing from you.

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The building was gut-renovated over the course of a year by Perfect Renovation, a specialty contractor that deals with historic properties. Photo credit: 1372 Dean

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